The collaborator

is exclusively for endorsed independent professionals collaborating with strategists in projects and business.

There’s a broad spectrum of Collaborators including:

Creative and content creators, designers, technologist, social media specialist, content managers, media planners, and buyers, research recruiters, and moderators, data analyst, producers, and project managers.

Collaborators are endorsed
by consultant members

This ensures you get the most of your membership, avoiding commoditization of your work and maintaining Overflow quality standards.

You are a member of a Public Benefit Corporation and Pending B-Corp committed to positive social, economic, and environmental impact across all its stakeholders, including members like you.

Additional benefits include

Get visibility

Personalized Profile in Overflow Collab provides visibility to clients, consultants, and collaborators as well as tools to find better project opportunities.

Access events

Access to Overflow Events (e.g. “Ask a Strategist”) and sponsored partner events for learning and networking opportunities.

Sell products

Sell products (e.g. a brand identity package) via the Overflow Market to consultants.

What are your

As a Collaborator Member, your primary responsibility is to contribute to Overflow quality standards and collaboration ethos.

Annual membership with two ways
to pay: $250 (one time payment) or $300 ($25 a month).

Maximize your benefits
by using Overflow Market to gain visibility and access to selling and coaching opportunities

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