The consultant

is exclusively for endorsed independent strategists working in the areas of marketing, innovation, communications, and design.​

To Overflow,
you are the Client.

Overflow is designed entirely around your
needs to accelerate your work, business, and
professional development.

Being selective ensures a better springboard for your work.

We only accept consultants endorsed by existing consultant members. This is our way to ensure the integrity of our quality standards and to avoid commoditization.

We believe strategy consultants, in marketing, innovation and communications, are best positioned to take advantage of Overflow Insight and Overflow Market.

You are a member of a Public Benefit Corporation and a Pending B-Corp committed to positive social, economic, and environmental impact across all its stakeholders, including members like you. You can use “Member of Overflow, a Public Benefit Corporation” for your visibility.

Additional benefits include

Market promotion

Sell consulting products (tools, workshops, etc.) in the Overflow Market supported with promotional marketing exposure to potential clients.


Discounts of 10% for Professional Development training and coaching by specialized and vetted professionals.

Access to events

Free access to Events (e.g. “Ask a Strategist”) and Overflow’s library of Strategy Tools and Business Templates.


Opportunity to subscribe to Overflow Insight, providing unlimited access to consumer database (e.g.YouGov), Netbase Social Listening, and WARC strategy global library with an annual subscription of $1,000.

What are your

As a Consultant Member, your primary responsibility is to contribute to Overflow quality standards and collaboration in two ways: membership and referrals.

Annual membership with two ways
to pay: $600 (one time payment) or $720 ($60 a month).

(+ $1,000 if you also want unlimited access to Overflow Insight).

Inviting other high-quality Consultant Members and Collaborator Members to Overflow.

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