What is an accelerator?
Think of Overflow as a way to put your business in a higher gear: to accelerate it. Overflow offers you an extended network of individuals who appreciate the value of independent strategic thought: peers, prospective clients and collaborators. ​

Overflow provides you with tools and resources to work more effectively and to productize your work. And Overflow has collaborative projects, events and training to foster personal and professional development. ​
How does Market work?​
​Market is a place for strategy consultants to productize their Intellectual Property (IP), gain visibility with new clients, and provide scale, all while ensuring safe transactions and prompt payment. ​

As a consultant, list your product for sale to clients (both members and the general public) or shop for collaborator services you may need to complete your project.​

Collaborators offer their services to consultants on Market.​
How is my purchase on Market guaranteed?​
Purchasers pay for products bought on Market when they place the order. Overflow holds the funds until the services have been completed. ​

Once the seller and buyer confirm the service is complete, Overflow releases the funds to the seller. This means low risk for both parties.​
Do I have to be a member to buy a product on Market?​
No, you do not have to be a member to purchase products on Market, but you do have to register to purchase. ​

However, to get the most out of the Overflow experience as a client, you’ll want to become a member for access to incredible resources like Overflow training and development events, network collaboration opportunities and 1:1 ongoing interaction with consultants.​
Am I a Consultant, Client, or Collaborator?
No matter who you are, Overflow delivers unique value.​ ​

Consultants are those who provide strategic content and services in the areas of marketing, innovation, design and communications.​ ​

Collaborators are those who work with strategy consultants on projects. There are many types of projects, so there are many types of collaborators: photographers, copywriters, designers, data analysts, SEO specialists, project managers, just to name a few.​ ​

Clients are those in need of the services being offered by the Consultant members. They could be start-ups or Fortune 100 companies or anywhere in between. Clients can be from any industry in any department that may have a strategy need.​ ​

Click to read more about each and discover which membership would suit you best.​

Consultant | Collaborator | Client

Still not sure? Email Overflow.
Why is Overflow a better way to find consultants?​
​We only accept consultants endorsed by existing consultant members or vetted by our membership team. This is our way to ensure the integrity of our quality standards and to avoid commoditization. This means Overflow has done the work for you—you can be sure members are proven, capable strategy consultants who will not only deliver, but will add value.​ ​

Collaborators and clients are also required to be endorsed by consultant members or vetted by our membership team. Overflow provides consultants with reliable project partners and with clients who recognize the value of strategy work and independent thinking.​
​​I’m interested in the research. Can I sign up only for Insight?
​No, Insight access is available to Consultant members only. If you are a Consultant and you are not yet on Overflow, click here to learn more.​
What is a Public Benefits Corporation? Or a ​BCorp?​
​Overflow is a Public Benefits Corporation and a Pending BCorp , which means we are committed to positive social, economic, and environmental impact across all stakeholders, not just shareholders. ​ ​

As a BCorp, we are held to higher standards and we work to retain a high level of commitment, responsibility, and transparency in everything we do. ​ ​

All actions Overflow takes are considered for the potential positive impact for our employees, our members, our clients, our vendors, our communities and our shareholders.​